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A New Dimension: Our Planet Documentary

I watched this documentary for the first time over 2 years ago. As an avid movie and film watcher, I love being a part of the act on the other side of the screen, feel what the characters are feeling, and explore the rising and falling of the plot. But, like putting names on faces, I am really bad at remembering which movies/films I have and haven’t watched. Our Planet, one of dozens of documentaries I have watched, is different – it’s one of the only ones that have created a lasting impression on me.

Our Planet was created in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Netflix and Silverback Films. It is meant to showcase the world’s natural wonders, iconic species, and wildlife spectacles that still remain. Even though controversy surrounds the intentions behind the film and over exaggeration of some aspects of climate change, this documentary is all-in-all an experience. Growing up in the city my entire life and rarely taking trips to wide landscapes, watching the documentary and seeing the abundance of biodiversity that exists, I was in complete awe. The quality of the visuals and hearing the sounds of nature pulls me completely into the screen.

Climate change is urgent, and this film also outlines it. It’s important to know that the documentary doesn’t encompass all of the effects climate change has on Earth and it is not meant to be scientific. However, seeing the direct effects of the environmental crisis through videos captured first hand is a new perspective everyone should confront.


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