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A Poem - The Letters Never Written: Dear Earth


Dear Earth,

You shine a smile brighter than the sun,

with layers of emotion so deep

that cradles my soul. You have

shorelines so warm,

rainbows so endless,

sand so soft.

When I first arrived, you opened your arms

full of hope and with a collection of memories.

The swoosh of the wind,

the chirps of the seagulls,

the hush of the fog,

and the giggles of playful children

make a perfect composition.

But I saw you just yesterday,

it all changed too fast.

From a blue to green hue,

a wash of uncertainty, and

confused anticipation.

You were sick, you were dying.

How couldn’t I see?

You gave warnings, too many sometimes.

It’s all my fault, to leave you like this, and

no open arms back.

We used to live in harmony, but revenge is looming.

The silence of despair.

The pause of idle.

The crash of consequence.


Dear Human,

It’s not too late, so change, and change fast.

The actions too shallow.

The skeptics too many.

The danger too great.

One species of fish, one droplet of water, one second after another

is only the tip of the iceberg.

We used to be friends, but now a long-distance

relationship that requires less ignorance.

That requires more time, more effort to

repair the bond that seems to foreign.

To bring back true peace than

dreams of the utopian past.

To bring back hope

for a future fantasy.

Ride the waves,

beat the wind,

break the streaks of black that taint the streams.

It will hurt.

It will scar your once warm soul.

But it’s now or never,

my heart can’t fight for the future alone.

Let the ocean show truth,

to guide the future.

You cannot correct alone when

the world is on top of you.

Make the truth seen, make the truth heard. But,

it starts off small and

it starts off with you.

Image taken by Emily Xu (2022).


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