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Trapped in an Ecosystem Cycle

Image drawn by Emily Xu (2019).

Covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, oceans play a significant role in regulating, maintaining, and providing life. With the rising concern of ocean acidification and microplastic pollution, becoming more aware and conscious of protecting our oceans has become ever more critical. Ocean awareness is not just demanding clean water, but a strong desire to sustain the health of diverse ocean ecosystems. When approaching environmental sustainability and ocean awareness, it is important to think about the environment as a circular system. In this painting, I aimed to convey this message, showing how one negative input connects and influences another element in Earth’s complex system. What comes with this constant cycle is the urgency to act on pollution, acidification, loss of biodiversity, and more. Harmful human actions not only impact the clarity of ocean water, but all the organisms that live in it and the balance of our ecosystems; it affects our economy, politics, international relations, and wellbeing.


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