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About Us

See One, Do One, Teach One

Hello climate enthusiasts and welcome to Dear Earth (DE)! We live in a new era. In a place where we are constantly reminded about the environmental crisis that is killing animals, destroying natural habitats, and depleting Mother Earth's beauty. On social media, we are constantly reminded of the increasing intensity of natural disasters, like forest fires, record-breaking temperatures, and endangered species. However, these reminders should not just a source of fear, but also motivation to combat the environmental crisis.  Dear Earth is a climate change hub that aims to spread urgency and awareness about climate change to everyday citizens through a combination of scholarly research or reflections from the perspective of youth in the midst of the 21st century. We aim to share our dedication and passion for the environment in hopes of provoking others to create their own path to becoming more sustainable and personal connection to their environment. It's time to take action.

Our Story

Dear Earth was founded by two passionate environmental enthusiasts passionate about research and helping communities become more environmentally sustainable. Throughout the past few years, we’ve had a plethora of experiences ranging from research to volunteering at our local community's climate action hub. Through this blog, we hope to relay our experiences to create a positive impact and hopefully, inspire others to learn and take action.

The Team!

Our Mission



Dear Earth is dedicated to conducting detailed research and expanding awareness about climate change's reality.



Dear Earth is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge that will insight hope and passion for protecting Earth.



Dear Earth is dedicated to connecting like-minded individuals, leaders, and organizations with Earth.

The Importance of Research.

                    Research is any form of a systematic investigation or study devoted to establishing facts or reaching a resolution about a niche topic. Dear Earth values all forms of research. Environmental sustainability requires a profound knowledge of nature and the changes experienced, and technology requires experimentation and trials to determine effectiveness and efficiency. Dear Earth is dedicated to conducting and delivering accessible research. We post research blogs on the first day of every month and encourage you to read and share them with your peers. We hope that these research blogs on the environment and sustainable innovation will inspire you to become an active leader.

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