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The Importance of Exploring Nature

I grew up beside the Don River, which runs beside lush trails--an escape from Toronto's bustling city. It is one of Canada's most urbanized watersheds, and the implications of poor environmental stewardship and climate change are apparent: increased littering, riverside erosion, flooding, trail-side vegetation loss, and more.

Spending time in the Don Trail and annual summer trips in rural Ontario communities have shaped my love for nature and urgency to protect the environment. Being encircled by greenery, surrounded by birds chirping, and spending uninterrupted time with my family and friends make these adventures ever so memorable. I strongly believe that these small interactions with nature are the driving forces of climate action: taking in what's left of the natural world and finding meaning in one's path toward sustainability. I urge you all to do so, whether for a short stroll on a local trail or an ambitious camping trip. And while you do so, reflect on what nature means to you and what you can do to be a steward of this land.

My favourite photos from my 2023 camping trip:


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